Thai Food

There’s usually a curry dish – an emerald curry or a red curry, perhaps a whole fried fish, and noodles, all served with steamed rice. For dessert, look for the delicious sticky rice and coconut milk with mango. The texture of the fresh mango is a perfect match for the sweet coconut milk sauce.

Thais drink coffee after a meal – it provides the sour taste. The wine recommended to accompany a spicy Thai Sq London meal is a Gewürztraminer, and of course, Thai Singha beer is a great match.

Thais present all the dishes at once, in the centre of the table, and diners take a little of this and a little of that. Food is eaten with a spoon in the right hand, a fork in the left. The fork is used to get the food onto the spoon, which can handle the many sauces present in the dishes.